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Automatic MWT(Metal Wrap Through) / EWT(Emitter Wrap Through)

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即时足球即时比分 MWT(Metal Wrap Through) / EWT(Emitter Wrap Through)

    Emitter Wrap Through (EWT) and Metallization Wrap Through (MWT) solar cells. For these types of solar cells, the emitter contacts are transferred to the rear side of the wafer and connected to the front side emitter through metalized laser drilled holes.


    Back contact solar cells offer various advantages over conventional solar cells, and they have the potential for higher efficiencies, mainly founded in reduced shadowing and series resistance losses.


    Wafer Size: 125mm×125mm/156mm×156mm
    Smaller heat affected zone
    CCD automatic positioning
    XYZ mobile platform
    Auto loading and uploading system (optional)


For more details, please contact [email protected]; 86-27-87922379.

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